At Soak Spa we make every effort to ensure a comfortable, clean and safe environment
in which to float or ozone, so that you have a carefree and enjoyable experience.
By accepting our terms and conditions you indicate your agreement.
This waiver applies to all treatments taken at Soak Spa.



By entering your details below and clicking on the “ACCEPT” button,
you agree to the terms & conditions of Soak Spa.



    1 . I will NOT use the flotation tank:
    (a) with oils or creams on my body.
    (b) if I have any communicable illness.
    (c) under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
    (d) if I suffer from epilepsy, unless in the opinion of my physician my epilepsy is under medical control so that I am
    in sufficient control of my seizures not to endanger myself in the flotation tank.
    (e) if I am pregnant, unless I have consulted and received permission from my physician.
    (f) if I suffer from diabetes, unless, in the opinion of my physician, my diabetes is under medical control so that I am
    in sufficient safety to use the floatation tank.
    (g) if I suffer or have suffered from chronic heart disease, unless, in the opinion of my physician, my chronic heart
    disease is under medical control so that I am in sufficient safety to use the flotation tank.
    (h) if I suffer from or possess any sort of existing ear, nose, eye condition that may be irritated by properties within
    the float tank mentioned anywhere within this document.
    2. I further understand that the flotation tank uses (a) Epsom salt (pharmaceutical grade magnesium sulphate), (b) a
    safe amount of hydrogen peroxide used in the filtration process to clean the water, and that some people may
    experience skin allergies or reactions to such chemicals.
    3. I also hereby agree to and understand that I shall have consulted with my own physician prior to using the
    flotation tank if I am currently taking any medication or under a physician’s care for any reason.
    4. Upon using the flotation tank, I absolve Soak Spa and its employees and agents from any and all liability in
    connection with the use thereof whether such loss or damage be direct or indirect.
    5. I further agree to take full responsibility for my thoughts and actions while floating, the waiver of liability and all
    agreements made herein shall apply to each use I make of the flotation tank or float room.
    6. I understand that all of my personal possessions shall be secured with myself (alone), locked inside of “the float
    room” during my personal float session. Any loss or damage to any personal possessions of mine is not the
    responsibility or liability of Soak Sap.
    7. I understand that using any self-tanning products or hair colouring must be complete at least one week prior to


    – Customers are required to shower and wash out any hair products prior to floating.
    – Customers are required to use the toilet before floating if required.
    – Customers with long hair are required to tie hair back.
    – Avoid waxing/shaving on the day of floating to avoid salt/skin irritation.
    – Avoid caffeine and heavy foods 1.5 hours prior to floating.
    – If a customer contaminates the pool in any way they will be required to pay the cost of clean-up and refilling the
    pool with salt.


    The float room is used for relaxation purposes and needs to remain a quiet, tranquil environment.
    We kindly request that cell phones are turned off at all times when inside the float rooms.
    Please make every effort to be respectful and not disturb other clients while floating.
    Splashing, kicking, talking or other disruptive behaviour is not permitted.
    You are advised to float in the nude for optimal relaxation, however wear a costume should you prefer.


    It is very important that you, the customer, be on time for your appointment. If a scheduled customer is late, please
    understand that this session may be shortened to avoid booking conflicts with the next scheduled
    Please call within 24 hours if you are unable to honour the agreed upon appointment time.
    Any missed appointments, where the customer has not made contact with a Soak Spa representative, will be
    deemed a “no show” and forfeit any payments made for services, whether the payment was made directly, as part
    of a package deal, via gift voucher and or any other transaction made for payment, no matter who made the


    While every effort is made to protect the health and safety of customers using the facilities, it is expressly agreed
    that the use of facilities undertaken by a customer is at his/her own risk, and that Soak Spa shall not be liable for
    any claims, damages, actions (or causes of actions).
    I have read and understood the above statements and agree to release Soak Spa from any liability and to comply
    with the rules of the float centre.


    1. Should you have any particular medical conditions/diagnosis you will inform our staff before commencing
    2. Heat applied in a sauna of any kind has adverse effects (cardiovascular problems and some diseases are just two
    examples of heat sensitive ailments).
    3.Ozone does not need heat to be effective, only a moist environment.
    (a) All temperatures are regulated by the ozone practitioner.
    (b) Temperatures in the ozone chambers might be increased over time, if deemed necessary.
    4. If you are actively taking any medication (blood pressure medication, insulin, contraceptive medication,
    prescribed medicated, etc) we strongly advise that all medication is taken four hours prior and four hours after an
    ozone therapy treatment – ozone neutralises chemicals.
    5. If you are currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy treatment, we strongly advise that you wait four days
    after these treatments before having an ozone therapy treatment. Please inform your doctor that you are receiving
    ozone therapy.
    6. Do not have an alcoholic beverage within four hours prior to an ozone therapy treatment – increased heart rate
    and size.
    7. If you are pregnant we will not, under any circumstances, administer ozone therapy – increased babies heart rate.
    8. Do not take anything containing Vitamin C for one hour prior or after an ozone therapy session – Vitamin C
    destroys ozone.
    9. Ozone Therapy cannot be conducted if you suffer from any of the following:
    (a) acute alcohol intoxication
    (b) recent heart attach/stroke (3 months)
    (c) active bleeding from any site (internal or external)
    (d) platelet disorder (Haemophilia)
    (e) pregnant
    (f) Thrombocytopenia (Thrombosis)
    10. You will make our staff aware of any other medical or other conditions you may suffer from.
    11. Should you wish to be treated for a specific condition you will inform our staff in order to treat you accordingly.


    1. Ozone therapy works in conjunction with a balanced nutritional diet.
    2. Ozone therapy works in conjunction with daily exercise.
    3. Ozone therapy might include what is called a “healing crisis”. A healing crisis is in effect when the body is in the
    process of elimination toxins and sets the stage for regeneration. Reactions may be mild or they may be severe.


    The ozone practitioner cannot and will not diagnose or prescribe medication. The ozone practitioner insists that all
    customers having ozone therapy continue to see a medical doctor at all times. Under no circumstances will ozone
    therapy replace medication/therapies etc prescribed by a medical doctor. Ozone therapy is to be used in
    conjunction with medical science and will under no circumstances replace it. The ozone practitioner does not in any
    way guarantee a cure for any ailment or disease. We offer a detoxification treatment of the human body through
    ozone transdermal therapy. There are no health claims being made in the area of scientific validity. There is no
    claim being made as to the superiority of these methods over any other methods.


    1. I have chose to attend ozone therapy treatments at the ozone practitioner under no duress, and agree to be
    treated under their supervision.
    2. I have made myself familiar with the rules, important information and declaration outlined by the ozone
    practitioner and I agree.
    3. I understand that no monies paid will be refunded (or part thereof) for any reason whatsoever, regardless of
    whether the course has been completed or if satisfactory results have been achieved or not. Furthermore any
    outstanding monies will still be for the account of the applicant’s details above or his/her guardian.
    4. I understand that the ozone practitioner does not guarantee satisfactory or successful results of any kind.
    5. I, my spouse, my child or any other dependants or representatives will have no claim or action in the event of any
    loss or damage resulting from my bodily injuries, illness, loss of life or loss of or damage to property, caused by or
    arising out of, or which is in any way connected with my/our voluntary equipment. I indemnify the ozone
    practitioner and its suppliers against such claims.