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First floats are often profound, however do expect a bit of a learning curve – requiring a few floats to feel totally comfortable. Floating is becoming recognised as an essential part of optimal, ongoing wellness and has powerful cumulative effects. Floating once or twice a week will supercharge your long-term physical and mental health.

It’s the salt water concentration that allows you to float without moving a muscle. There are no hard surfaces pressing against you, no chill from wind or water, and no interruptions from the outside world.


We may be able to adjust your appointment time – please call us. Alternatively your time in the float pod will be reduced as we would need to ready the room for the next client.

We suggest a light meal at least 90 minutes before floating. Hydrate normally but in such a way that you won’t need a toilet break mid-float. Avoid caffeine and alcohol for at least 4 hours prior to floating.

Basic amenities are provided. You may wish to bring personal items, such as a hair brush. For the float you may bring a swim suit or float nude. It’s best to leave jewellery at home, but do remember to remove prior to floating.

Yes! The float room has a toilet, shower and float pod, as well as everything you need – including a towel and basic amenities.

Before – to remove oils and products. After – to remove the salty residue from your skin and hair.

No. We do however ask that you not take leisurely showers as we have water restrictions and would need to ready the room for the next float client. We allocate 15 minutes for you before and after showers as well as time to dress.

Absolutely! Your pod has a door that can be opened at any time. You may turn the light on as you wish and may even float with the door open if you prefer.

No, the high salt concentration prevents this. In fact, your skin will be left feeling soft and smooth.

There’s no age requirement, but we require that guests under 18 be accompanied by a guardian for their first float in order to complete initial paperwork. Children as young as eight and adults at 90 years old may float. Younger children with ADD or ADHD find floatation calming and it helps them focus.

The music will fade and a ladies’ voice will gently let you know that your session has ended.

After showering and dressing, feel free to enjoy a cup of tea and reflect on your float. Remember to hydrate well.


The float pod is spacious but if you wish to you may leave the pod door open.

Yes, definitely! You will float effortlessly and the ability to swim is not necessary. The salt water supports weight of over 800kg.

Embrace it! One hour of rest in the pod is reported as the equivalent of four hours of deep restful sleep. You are completely safe, whether awake or asleep.

You may leave them in or remove them, whichever you prefer.

The salt water might sting wounds so best to cover any problem areas with Vaseline, which we will provide.

It’s best not to shave at least eight hours prior to floating as the salt water may cause irritation.

We recommend that you not tan on the day of your float to ensure there is no skin sensitivity.

Ensure they are fully healed as the salt water may sting.

The water will come up past your ears. We provide ear plugs, free of charge.

Floating during pregnancy is perfectly safe, but we insist upon you consulting with your doctor first. Most mom’s enjoy a break from carrying the baby’s extra weight and the deep relaxation.

Take the same precautions as you would in a swimming pool.

We recommend that you wait at least a week to let the colour fully settle, so that the salt won’t affect the colour and the colour won’t bleed into the water. Ensure no colour is rinsing out when you shower, then you’re good to float.


2.6m long, 1.8m wide, and 1.3m high.

The high concentration of salt (as well as a very small amount of disinfectant) creates a hostile environment for germs and bacteria. Water is run through a triple filtration and purification process with a UV sterilizer.

The 550kg of Epsom salts dissolved in 900 litres of water creates effortless floating. Everyone floats, no matter your size.

The same temperature as your skin – around 36 degrees. It’s neutral, neither cold nor warm.


Yes! Our pod is spacious enough to float with a partner.

If at any time you are not completely satisfied with your experience we will refund you.

We require 24 hours notice for cancellations.